Tour of Christel House Lavasa School

Posted by Keith Zendler on Keith Zendler on 08/15/2014

On Wednesday, was blessed to meet with the leadership of Christel House school in Lavasa as part of the launch that we're doing in the city.  It's always great to hear the voices of children and the vitality that comes whenever I get these visits.   We're going to be setting them up on Cspace so you connect with them all directly (many, many applications were seen for the network) and if you see the shots of the kids with their hands raised, I was asking them how many had access to either a laptop or smartphone at their home... and these are kids from the poor surrounding villages.   I'm excited to serve the villages of India and see just a few important tweaks and we'll be ready to connect them all to life-changing education, resources and economic opportunities!


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